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                    Zhejiang Noah Fluorochemical Co., Ltd., is a national high-tech enterprise. It is a scientific and technological enterprise specializing in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of fluorine-containing electronic chemicals. The company has an experienced fluorine-containing chemical research and development team and a project industrialization expert team. Basing on the Noah Enterprise R&D Center as a platform, company has also established joint research and development laboratories with many universities and research institutes at home and abroad to work on the research and development of scientific and technological innovation of new fluorine-containing materials.

                    ?The company has a research and development site of over 5000m2, and has built a advanced R&D laboratory, application research room, and analysis and testing room. Company has a strong Ph.D. R&D team, the main person in charge has been engaged in the development of fluorine-containing fine chemicals for more than 30 years. Undertaking a number of key special projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, participating in the formulation of a number of national standards, and also owning more than 30 related product patents, Noah determines to build the company into a world-renowned and domestic leading enterprise in fluorine-containing electronic chemical new materials.

                    The company mainly produces high-efficiency and environmentally friendly perfluoro (2-methyl-3-pentanone) (FK-5-1-12)  extinguishing agents (trade name: Noah®5112), fluorinated coolants (Noah®2000, Noah®3000) and mid-to-high-end electronic cleaning agents and other fluorinated electronic chemicals. The company has a complete quality control management system, and has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 management system certification. Its products have reached the international advanced level, and have obtained the FM certificate of compliance, UL certificate of compliance and REACH Registration Certificate, and they have been exported to dozens of countries including countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America.Noah will carry on the development concept of "focus, pragmatism, innovation, and sharing", to repay the trust of customers with high-quality products and good services, and to achieve win-win development with customers.
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                    Zhejiang Noah Fluorochemical Co., Ltd.
                    Address: No.6, Weijiu Road, Shangyu Economic and Technological Development Zone, Zhejiang Province, China
                    Email: hanbl@zjnoah.cn
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